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JIAAP July 2016
Parent assisted Social skills training for children with ADHD
Parisha Jijina, M.S. University, Gujarat; & Uday K Sinha, IHBAS, New Delhi, India
The aim of this research was to study the short-term effects of a time-bound, structured, parent-assisted social skills training program for children with ADHD. The sample consisted of ten children who were diagnosed as ADHD in the age group of 8-12 years. A program of eight sessions based on Spence’s ‘Social Skill Training’ method was applied along with multimedia tools such as social skills animated videos. Parents of the children simultaneously participated in generalization training designed to support their children's transfer of skills. Pre and post-training assessments were performed using the Spence’s Social Skills Questionnaire-Parents (SSQ-P) and Spence’s Social Competence with Peers Questionnaire (SCPQ-P). It was hypothesized that there will be a difference between the pre and post training scores, thereby indicating an improvement in the social skills and social competence of children with ADHD following the applied social skills training program. Narratives of the parents, too, were taken into consideration to have a better understanding of the process of change experienced by them in their child. Results showed that the post training scores were significantly higher suggesting the positive short-term effect of the social skills training. Key words: Social skills training, Social competence, ADHD