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JIAAP January 2018
Construction, Standardization and Validation of a Multi-Domain Indian Developmental Inventory (IDI) for Children
Manjit Sidhu, Prahbhjot Malhi and Jagat Mohan Jerath
The primary aim of the study was to construct, standardize and validate a multi-domain, culturally sensitive, development inventory for children aged 0 to 8 years. The study was conducted in two parts: construction of the battery and validation. The development of the battery was carried out in three stages: planning, pilot, and standardization. Four hundred and twelve items were included in the battery and were administered to 626 children (across 18 age categories) to standardize the test. The final constructed battery comprised of 378 items. The norms constructed provided standard scores (M=100, SD=15) reported as development quotients (DQs) at two levels: domain (domain specific DQ) and overall level (Total DQ). The standard scores ranged from 20 to 160. Three types of reliability estimates were calculated: internal consistency, test-retest and inter-rater. The standard errors of measurement (SEM) were computed for five domains. Three types of validity were established including content, construct, and criterion related. The newly constructed Indian Developmental Inventory (IDI) provides child health professionals a culturally sensitive, standardized, multi-domain instrument with excellent psychometric properties and it is hoped that its availability would provide an impetus to the field of developmental assessment in India.. Keywords: Developmental assessment, Test construction, Culturally sensitive, Multi-domain battery