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JIAAP January 2018
Effect of Life Skills Training Program on Psychological Well-being of Rural Adolescents
Pranita Jagtap and Sanhita Karmalkar
The objective of the study was to investigate the effect of life skills training program on psychological well-being of rural adolescents from two villages in Maharashtra. Life skills training program covering ten life skills as given by WHO (1997) was conducted for one academic year on students from 8th and 9thgrade (13-15 years of age) belonging to two schools. Students were screened on intelligence using Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices and only those above 25th percentile were selected for the intervention. Students were tested on psychological well-being at the beginning and end of the training program. Psychological well-being was measured using the scale of psychological well-being by Kulkarni (2015). Paired t test was used to analyse the data. Results revealed that there was a significant increase on total psychological well-being (t=-6.63, p<.001) of students after the intervention as compared to their pre-test scores. Significant differences were also found on all the dimensions of psychological well-being. Results indicated a positive impact of such training on rural adolescents. Keywords: Life skills training, Psychological Well-being, Rural adolescents