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JIAAP July 2017
Standardization of Scale for Measuring Attitudes towards Substance Use
Nanda S. & Smriti Verma
The use of tobacco in any form, alcohol and/or drugs usage pose a very serious risk to the physical, mental and other socio-economic aspects of the adolescents. Substance use among adolescents is associated with a decrease in school, college and work performance that may lead to problems into adulthood like marital discord, limited career opportunities, and other social problems. The literature available in this regard says there is substantial evidence to prove that attitudes have an impact on the individual’s behavior. However, a scale to measure attitudes towards substance use is not available in the Indian context. The present study has made an attempt towards developing a substance use attitude standardized scale. Substance use for this study is defined as taking any form of harmful substance like tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. The methodology used for data collection was with the help of a questionnaire developed for the study based on literature review and was administered to 748, 1st year university batches. The questionnaire was developed to measure the frequency of tobacco, alcohol, and other substance use, anticipated use, positive attitudes toward substance use, the perception of peer substance use. The standardized scale of 22 items is the result of the study. Keywords: Substance use, Attitudes, Intention