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JIAAP July 2017
Organizational Justice as a Predictor of Organizational Commitment in Automobile Dealerships in Delhi, National Capital Region
Shivangi Kaul and Abha Singh
This study explored Organizational Justice as the predictor of organizational commitment among sales executives in automobile dealerships. The data was collected from 216 Salespersons of Authorized Four-wheeler Dealerships in Delhi/National Capital Region. The variables of the study were measured through Organizational Commitment Questionnaire, Moorman’s Measure of Procedural and Interactional Justice and Distributive Justice Index. Correlational analyses indicated that Procedural,Interactional Justice and Distributive Justice were positively correlated with organizational commitment. Also, it was found that Procedural Justice and Interactional Justice had a higher correlation compared to Distributive Justice. All the correlations were highly significant. Further, as expected the results of the multiple regression analyses showed that Organizational Justice (Procedural, Interactional and Distributive) is a significant predictor of organization commitment. Keywords: Automobile Industry, Dealerships, Distributive Justice, Interactional and Procedural Justice, Organizational Commitment