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JIAAP July 2017
Role of Occupational Stress and Social Support in Negative Mental Health among Women Employees in Banking Sectors
Archana Upadhyay* and Ashok Pratap Singh
The study examines the relationship between occupational stress and negative mental health in presence of social support among women employees in banking sectors (N=104). Data were obtained by using psychometrics devices like Occupational Stress Index, Functional Social Support, and General Health Questionnaire. The positive and significant correlation had been obtained between occupational stress and negative mental health, and the negative and significant correlation was obtained between work and non-work social support and negative mental health. Stepwise regression analysis was computed to examine the strongest predictor with the criterion as negative mental health. It was found that some dimensions of occupational stress and non-work relatedsources of social support are a predictor of negative mental health. Keywords: Role overload, Role conflict, Role ambiguity, Work and non-work social support.