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JIAAP July 2017
Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Reaction Time During Vigilance Task Performance
Naveen, Tarun Mishra, Trayambak Tiwari, Indramani Lal Singh, Anju L. Singh & Tara Singh
Physical exercise has been linked to mental health benefits. However, little is known about how physical exercise affects cognitive functioning. Results obtained from laboratory studies on the effect of physical exercise on cognitive performance has been inconsistent. The present study examined the effect of different level of aerobic exercise on visual vigilance task performance. Thirty three male participants in the age range of 19 to 24 years participated in this study. A 3 (Exercise Protocols: No exercise, 7 minutes, 14 minutes) ×4 (Time Periods: Four 10 minutes block) mixed factorial design with repeated measure on the last factor was used. The analysis of variance results revealed a significant difference between vigilance task performance of the groups (p = 0.001). The performance of the group with 14 minutes exercise protocol was more inhibited than the performance of the groups with 7 minutes and no exercise. The findings have been discussed in terms of resource depletion theory of Kahneman (1973). Keywords: Aerobic exercise, Cognitive performance, Vigilance, Reaction time.