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JIAAP January 2018
Measures of Superstitious Beliefs: A Meta-Analytic Review of Research
Surekha Chukkali, Justine K. James, and Anjali M. Dey
JIAAP January 2018
Emotional Intelligence in Sports: Toward a New Program for Intervention
Meghna Singhal and Siddharth Godbole
JIAAP January 2018
Effect of Life Skills Training Program on Psychological Well-being of Rural Adolescents
Pranita Jagtap and Sanhita Karmalkar
JIAAP January 2018
Residential Crowding, Perceived Control and Subjective Well-being among Students Staying in Hostel Dormitory
Neethu P. S., Rohinton Ikal and Surendra Kumar Sia
JIAAP January 2018
Personal Growth Initiative (PGI) and Life Satisfaction: Moderating and Mediating Effect of Grit
JIAAP January 2018
Emotional Valence and Intentions: Comparing Event, Time and Activity Based Prospective Memory
Naveen Kashyap
JIAAP January 2018
Individual Differences in Working Memory Capacity and Task Switching Performance
Shalini Dubey, Anil Kumar Yadav and Indramani L. Singh
JIAAP January 2018
Predictors of Behavior Problems in Adolescents: A Path Model
Sasikala S. and Karunanidhi S.
JIAAP January 2018
Validation of Hindi Translated Scales on Grit, Resilience and Well-being
Kamlesh Singh, Mohita Junnarkar and Shambhovi Mitra
JIAAP January 2018
Construction, Standardization and Validation of a Multi-Domain Indian Developmental Inventory (IDI) for Children
Manjit Sidhu, Prahbhjot Malhi and Jagat Mohan Jerath
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