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Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology
An Official Publication of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology.

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology is an official journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (IAAP). IAAP was established in 1962, and has been serving the Indian society through various professional activities related to Psychology.

The journal seeks primarily research articles related to applied psychology and it aims to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge of Psychology, the efficiency and usefulness of its members by setting up a high standard of professional education and knowledge.
Editor: Prof. Jayanti Basu, Kolkata.
Executive Editor : Dr. Panch Ramalingam, Pondicherry.
Emeritus Editor: Prof. Habib Ahmad, New Delhi.
ISSN: 0019-4247
Published: Twice a Year (January & July)
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Prof. Jayanti Basu, Dept. of Applied Psychology, University of Calcutta has taken over as the Editor of JIAAP . Kindly send all manuscripts and all correspondences regarding manuscripts to Prof. Jayanti Basu at
Dr. Panch Ramalingam, Pondicherry University, will be the Executive Editor of JIAAP. Kindly send all enquiry about subscription, advertisement, printing and circulation to Dr. Panch Ramalingam at
Prof. Habib Ahmad, New Delhi will continue to act as the Emeritus Editor. You may write your feedback,suggestions, and other valuable inputs directly to him also at
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In commemoration of the Golden Jubilee Year (1962-2012) of the IAAP, Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology offers OnlineFirst, by which forthcoming articles are published online before they are scheduled to appear in print. More details, including how to cite OnlineFirst articles, can be found on the OnlineFirst Fact Sheet.

JIAAP July 2014
The Role of refl ection of Diffi cult Life Experiences on Wisdom
Riana Sahrani, Rudolf Woodrow Matindas, Bagus Takwin, and Winarini Wilman Mansoer Fakultas Psikologi, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
JIAAP July 2014
Altruism as a Function of Age and Deprivation: An Interactional Study
Ashok Kumar Ojha Tata Motors Finance Ltd. and Ritu Mishra T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur
JIAAP July 2014
Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor of Sense of Humor and Hope among Adults
Mehak Batool, Sadia Niazi and Saba Ghayas University of Sargodha, Pakistan
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JIAAP is abstracted and indexed in PsycINFO and PsycALERT Database, USA., Elsevier, Routledge Database, UK., Indian Science Abstracts (ISA), Indian Psychological Abstracts & Reviews, IndMED, NCERT Educational Abstracts, Psychological Abstracts,
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Volume 41, Number 3
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